• Governing Board

    Contact: WSAgoverningBoard@waukesha.k12.wi.us

    Our complete Charter Agreement is available on request by emailing WSAgoverningBoard@waukesha.k12.wi.us

    Click here for our bylaws

    WSA Governing Board Interest Form 

    The mission of Waukesha STEM Academy is to engage, inspire, and empower a community of learners in thinking, collaborating, innovating, and creating the future.

    Do you value the high quality of a Waukesha STEM education, especially our innovative programming available to our students? Do you believe in the power of collaboration, creativity, and rigor to prepare our students for a successful education? Do you have experience in fundraising, marketing, recruitment, education, or engineering? Here’s a wonderful opportunity to share your passion and skills in a meaningful way. 

    The Governing Board of Waukesha STEM Academy seeks a new member who will bring the following qualities and skills to our body: 

    • Experience on a board of directors or similar leadership position
    • Strong belief in WSA’s mission and the desire to support WSA’s students, faculty, and administration in the work they do 
    • Vision for expanding WSA’s reach in terms of growing our student body, as well as increasing our visibility and prestige in the wider community 

    The full Governing Board meets once a month and the term is for three years. Board sub-committees or special project teams may meet at alternative times. 


    We would love to hear about you and your interest in sharing your gifts and talents with the WSA Governing Board. 

    Please answer the questions in the linked google form to let us know a bit more about you. Interested candidates are also welcome to submit a resume if desired as well. All information can be submitted through the linked google form.

    Please submit the interest from no later than April 29th. The WSA Governing Board would love to meet you! You are invited to attend the May 4th meeting at STEM Saratoga at 6:30pm to share a little about yourself and learn more about the Governing Board responsibilities. Please join us! 

    Governing Board Interest Form (Click link and Complete Form if Interested!)


    Jeff Ziegler

    Name: Jeff Ziegler

    Term Start: 9/1/2019

    Term End: 6/30/22

    Email 1: jjziegler@gmail.com

    Phone: 414-254-7868



    Erin Scharf

    Name: Erin Scharf

    Term Start: 11/1/2020

    Term End:  6/30/2023

    Email 1: erintscharf@gmail.com 

    Phone: 414-416-2365



    Katy Klessig

    Name: Katy Klessig

    Term Start: 11/1/19

    Term End: 6/30/22

    Email 1: kklessig13@gmail.com 

    Phone: 414-550-5967



    Joseph Hollingsworth

    Name: Joseph E. Hollingsworth

    Term Start: 11/1/2019

    Term End: 6/30/2022

    Email 1: hollingsj83@gmail.com

    Phone: (262)506-4668



    Leah Harnack

    Name: Leah Harnack

    Term Start: 10/1/2020

    Term End:  6/30/2023

    Email 1:LeahHarnack@outlook.com 

    Phone: 262-391-8770



    Chris Shay

    Name:  Chris Shay

    Term Start: 11/1/2020

    Term End:  6/30/2023

    Email 1: chrisshay6@gmail.com 

    Phone: 920-912-4931



    Teresa Catania

    Name: Teresa “Terri” Catania

    Term Start: 11/1/2020

    Term End: 6/30/2023

    Email 1: cataniatterri@gmail.com

    Phone: 262-290-3321



    Monica Paz

    Name: Monica Paz

    Term Start: 07/01/2017

    Term End:  6/30/2022

    Email 1: monicapaz28@gmail.com 

    Phone: 262-470-1859



    Skip Dexter

    Name: Skip Dexter

    Term Start: 9/1/2021

    Term End:6/30/2024

    Email 1: SkipDexter@yahoo.com

    Phone: (262) 527-8630


    James Murray

    Name: James Murray

    Principal at Saratoga Campus since 2013

    Email 1: jmurray@waukesha.k12.wi.us

    Phone: 262.970.2510



    Melissa Horn


    Name: Melissa Horn

    Principal at Randall Campus since 2016

    Email 1: mhorn@waukesha.k12.wi.us

    Phone: 262.970.2310