Hillcrest Mission Statement

  • The Hillcrest School community is responsible for fostering a respectful and safe environment in which lifelong learning skills develop. We have high expectations for learning through standards-based curriculum and quality instruction. Individual growth will be analyzed and shared regularly using a variety of assessment methods. We will provide programs and support to maximize student success.

  • We Believe:

    • that children are unique individuals, each one molded by their own personal experiences and needs.
    • that these experiences and needs result in different rates and styles of learning which must be taken into account in providing an effective instructional program.
    • that parents are a child's first teachers, and that their continued active involvement in their child's education will ensure success.
    • that it is essential that a partnership exists among students, parents, community, and school for children to achieve their potential.
    • that while children come to us with different levels of ability and different learning styles and rates, each enters school with the desire and capacity to learn.
    • that all of the children we teach will grow and learn if given the proper instruction and environment.

Literacy Goal

  • Our 2021-2021 Goal: 100% of teachers will score at implementation or institutionalization in the Adult Learning Framework for literacy related to Thoughtful Logs and 100% of students who are below proficient at the beginning of the year will score at least proficient on the SDW Literacy Thoughtful Log rubric by May of 2022.

Culturally Responsive Practices Goal

  • Our 2021-2022 Goal: 100% of teachers will be at implementation or institutionalization in the adult learning framework for staff beliefs and 100% of students will feel respected and empowered to solve problems at Hillcrest as measured by the student survey by May of 2022.

Growing Together