• Attendence Matters!

    Every minute a student is late effects our attendance rate. More importantly, it affects teaching and learning. Tardies interfere with the teaching and learning of all students by disrupting the classroom environment.  At Hadfield, morning routines are important. Students who are tardy may miss important information and instruction. When a student comes in late, the teacher and students attention is distracted. Also, the teacher may have to stop and catch up the tardy student about what he missed. If you are having problems getting your child to school on time and want some help, please contact our school social worker Mrs. Dohlby at 262-970-1332.

    If you child is too sick to attend school please call the attendance line at 262-970-1516.  Please give the reason for the absence as we track why students miss school.


    Attendance Information

    How to Report a Student's Absense:

    If a student will not be attending school for any reason a parent/guardian must report the absence to the Attendance Office. You can call (292)-970-1516 to report the absence. Failure to report the student absent may result in the student being truant.

    What is a tardy?

    Any student arriving at school after 8:35 am will be marked tardy.  A pattern of tardiness on the part of any student shall be brought to the attention of the student’s parent/guardian. If it appears that the student is negligent with being at school/class on time, appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken. 

    Appointments During the School Day

    Please notify the attendance office that your student will be leaving for an appointment. This can be done by phone or with a written parent/guardian note. Parent/Guardian will be required to sign out students in the office. 

    Medical Excuse

    A medical excuse is a written document from a medical professional excusing the student from school.  Any medical excuse will not count towards a students 10 excusable days.

    Pre-Planned Absense

    What is a pre-planned absence?  Anytime a student will be absent from school 3 or more days and the parent/guardian knows in advance.
    All pre-planned absences must be approved by administrative staff prior to the absence.  Once approved, the signed pre-absence form will be returned to the student.

    Wisconsin State Laws

    A parent(s) may excuse their child’s absence before the absence. A child may not be excused for more than 10 days in a school year under this provision, Wis. Stat. sec. 118.15(3)(c)A medical excuse will be required for any additional absences exceeding 10 days in a school year.

    If a student misses part or all of five (5) or more days without an acceptable excuse in a school semester, the student is “habitually truant” and a truancy referral may be made by the school against the student under Wis. Stat. sec. 118.16(5), to the juvenile court intake worker or municipal court.

  • Contacting the Attendence Office

    Student Absences Phone: 

    (262) 970-1516