• Hawthorne LAB School

    Hawthorne LAB School Introduction: The Hawthorne LAB School is an innovative collaboration between Hawthorne’s staff and Carroll’s Education Department to combine resources and create a research-focused learning environment which places the children of the school first. The “LAB” in Hawthorne LAB School stands for Learn, Analyze, Build:

    • Learn Together
    • Analyze Thinking
    • Build on Strengths 

    ...To Foster Curiosity. 

    Hawthorne LAB School Mission: Empower curiosity in thinking to inspire a passion for learning, while creating positive changes in our shared community.Hawthorne LAB School Vision: We believe that all students are part of a respectful, thoughtful, and caring community of learners. While honoring culture, prior experiences, strengths and knowledge of the members of our school community, we empower each other to become lifelong advocates for learning and social justice in our diverse world. Staff knowledge around the science of teaching combined with educators’ craft tailored to each student encourages creativity, innovation, excitement, and motivation around learning.Do you have questions about Hawthorne LAB School? Check out this document to find some answers:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Updated June 9, 2017