Welcome to Lowell!

  • My name is Rachel Hermann, and I am the proud principal of Lowell Elementary School. I believe every learner can grow, thrive, and reach his or her full potential when he or she feels a sense of belonging to a larger community of learners. Through our efforts to personalize learning, we’re able to meet the diverse needs of our students while utilizing their individual talents and strengths. I believe strongly in the power of collaboration to tackle the complex issues that we face in our world today, and when our learners feel safe to take risks and voice their thinking, the opportunities for problem-solving and innovation are endless. Most importantly, I value the partnership between the community, the families we serve, and our learners, for it is essential in helping us to graduate college, career, and community ready citizens of the world.

    Because of our focused work around collaboration, inclusion, rigor, and personalization, we’ve been able to yield incredibly high results. Most notably, we received the highest rating on our school report card, Significantly Exceeds Expectations, by the State of Wisconsin for our student achievement.

    Growing up in family of nine, I fully understand the importance of being a team player and understanding other perspectives. Having two school-age children myself is a constant reminder to me of the amazing responsibility that we have as educators. Each day when I walk into Lowell, I’m filled with a sense of gratitude and energy around being able to work alongside such talented staff and students as they collaborate, innovate, grow, and learn together.

    I look forward to another great year at Lowell! If you ever have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

    Kind regards,

    Rachel Hermann