Mrs. Harris

  • My name is Jessica Harris and I would love to be your student's Kindergarten teacher. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and attended college at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner). Soon after graduation I moved to the DFW metroplex in Texas where I began teaching. Over the last nine years I have taught as a special education inclusion aide, seven years in Kindergarten, and one year in fifth grade. 

    How did I end up in Wisconsin from Texas? My husband accepted a job here. My parents had relocated to the area a few years ago, but I am still adjusting to calling Wisconsin "home". I at least know the highways and street names now. I am still exploring food eateries. If you have a recommendation, I would love to hear it. 

    I live with my husband, son, two dogs and four cats. 

    I know, four cats! It didn't happen on purpose, they just kept showing up on my doorstep.  

    I enjoy reading, college sports, pro baseball, and the occasional soccer match. Basically, I will do anything outdoors that doesn't include the potential for mosquito bites.

    As your child's Kindergarten teacher, it is my job to make sure their first year in school starts with a strong base. The class will be structured, based on routine, and will have an emphasis on building community with honesty. Your child's social-emotional growth and learning are just as important as traditional academics and our lessons will have a focus on both.  

    I communicate primarily through email and give families multiple access points to reach me and access class information. (electronic newsletters, email, Class Dojo, weekly updates, etc)

    Students will also have a daily folder that goes home every day. This folder will communicate any events for the week, and any notes that need to go home that day.



Favorite Book:

  • It is impossible to choose just one favorite book, but I do have a special place in my heart for the pigeon books by Mo Willems. They are loud, energetic, and the perfect amount of fun. I love the pigeon. 

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Contact Me:

  • Email:
    Twitter: @Kinder_Harris



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  • Kindergarten 2018-19 School Supply List 

    Click here for a printable list

    • 1 backpack

    • 1 pair of headphones (NOT earbuds)

      • Why not earbuds? Earbuds do not hold up against daily use from a 5-year-old and need to be frequently replaced. They also tangle constantly.

    • 1 pack of band-aids

      • Plain or decorated; any size

    • 2 large Kleenex boxes

    • 1 canister Clorox wipes

    • 1 PLASTIC 2 pocket folders

      • Need in colors of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green

    • 4 Composition Notebooks (wide-ruled) 

    • 1 pencil box (Spacemaker)

      • Not a pencil bag, but a pencil BOX. These boxes are sturdy and can fit pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue. 

    • 2 packs of #2 pencils

    • 4 large pink erasers

    • 2 packs of Crayola Crayons (24 count)

    • 12 lage Elmer Glue Sticks

      • Why Elmer? Because they last the longest and actually glue items together. Other brands often dry-out or don't glue well resulting in requesting more supplies from famlies. 

    • 1 pair of scissors

      • If your child is left handed, please special purchase them a pair of left handed scissors.

    • 1 pack of washable markers (Crayola)

    • 1 Crayola Watercolor Paints (8 count)

    • 2 containers of Play-Doh (any color)

    • 2 sets/packs of 4 dry erase markers (any color/variety)

    • 2 packs of 3x3 Post-It notes (any color)

    • 1 change of clothes (pants, underwear, and socks in a labeled bag)

      • Why spare clothes? Even the best potty-trained child gets excited or may wait too long to use the restroom which results in accidents. 


    • 1 box gallon sized Ziploc bags

    • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (8 oz or larger)


    • 1 box Ziploc sandwich bags (that zip)

    • 1 roll of paper towels



    DO NOT LABEL all of your student's supplies. Many items will be shared as a community. Items specific to your child (pencil box, scissors, etc) will be labeled by the teacher. 

    Students will be required to wear athletic/tennis shoes on gym days. A schedule will be given to you once school begins.