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  • In this page I will share a little bit about me, Mrs. Lezama Ruiz.  I am the youngest of five children. I have been married for sixteen years, we have two girls, and a dog. My oldest daughter, Valeria, is 11 years old and the youngest, Vanessa, is 9 years old. Our dog's name is Kenai.  I travel with my family to visit our family in Guanajuato (Mexico) almost every year.  I love being able to provide my daughters the opportunity to learn and experince the culture first hand.  I am proud to be bilingual (English and Spanish).  I completed my elementary and high school studies in the bilingual (one-way) program of Milwaukee Public Schools. I received my bachelor's degree Marquette University. Later I obtained my teaching license through the MTEC program in  and Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I began my career as a teacher at Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee Public Schools. There I had the fortune of teaching Bilingual K4, Bilingual K5, and was also the Math teacher leader. All these were great experiences but my favorite grade level has always been K5. Now, this will be my tenth year teaching K5 in the Dual Language Program at Banting. All together I have 19 years of teaching experience.  I hope that your experiences with the staff, students and families are as extraordinary as mine have been!

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