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  • My iPad Is Damaged? What do I do?

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    If your iPad gets damaged for any reason, please bring it to Mrs. Frehner in the library. If any pieces come off of the case, do not throw them away, bring them in.

    If the iPad is damaged during the summer, you can bring it in to the District Building on 222 Maple Ave. Check their website for hours.

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  • If I damaged my iPad, do I have to pay to fix it?

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    All of our iPads are kept in warranty cases, so as long as the iPad stays in that case, you will not be charged for repairs.

    However if the iPad was taken out of the case, parts of the case were purposefully taken off, or the iPad was intentionally damaged, then you will be responsible for the full cost of the repairs.

    If there is a fee for repairing the device, you will still be able to recieve the iPad to use, but the fee will stay in Infinite Campus.

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  • I have lost my iPad. What should I do?

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    The first two days are very important when missing an iPad. Check everywhere you have recently been.  This includes classrooms, lockers, your bedroom at home, etc. Retracing your steps usually helps out the most, and many times it is recovered that way. However, if you still cannot find it,  come to library.  We can pinpoint a location for you if it was lost in school or in a general area outside. If you wait over the first couple days, then the likelihood of finding the device can drop significantly. If we cannot find it still, we will continue to look for it for a month before we replace it. During that time, staff will look around the building for the iPad, and we suggest families look around their home. The replacement fee for a missing iPad is $489, the full cost of the device.

    If you believe the device to be stolen, please contact Mrs. Frehner in the library.

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  • My case is dirty, can I take it off to clean it?

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    NO!! Please bring it to Mrs. Frehner in the library and she will clean it. Additionally, if there were any accidents to the case,  bring it in so she can fix or replace it. 

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  • For any questions please contact the Technology Assistant (M-F, 8am-3pm)

    Angie Frehner

    Phone: (262) 970-3309 

    email: afrehner@waukesha.k12.wi.us