Get Involved!

  • The core mission of club participation at West is to build relationships and engage students beyond the walls of the classroom in order to create stronger students academically, socially and emotionally.  The various research studies link student participation in extracurricular activities to increased grades in English and Math performance, homework completion and an increased likelihood of college enrollment and retention (NCES, June, 1995).

    Extracurricular activities encourage and model the value of teamwork, individual and collective group responsibility, competition and a sense of community.  They also afford students with rich connections from the classroom and real-world application.  Finally, engagement in extracurricular activities decrease the likelihood of school failure and attendance.  So, with that being said, if you are not currently involved in a club or activity please see the vast array of offerings and get involved!  

    If you don’t see a club to match your interest, bring it to the attention of a staff or administrator and we will strive to create it!  Thank you for your interest and engagement in Waukesha West High School clubs and activities.  We look forward to your participation and investment in our school community.