Attention Teachers, Staff, and Administrators - Awarding Grants


    Thank you for inquiring about our grant process. The 2020 Grant Window is now closed. Please watch our website for information about the 2021 Grant process. 

    To support the Foundation so that even MORE educators will hear the words "YES! You've been funded!" please visit our donations page or sign up to attend one of our upcoming events! 

    Each year in the early spring, the Waukesha Education Foundation solicits grant applications from teachers, administrators, and staff with proposals for programs for the following school year.

    The Foundation awarded its first grants for the 2004-2005 school year. To date, the Foundation has awarded over $330,000 in grants to 180+ programs that have impacted nearly every school in the District!

    We encourage all district faculty and staff to consider a proposal! Proposals are reviewed by a sub-committee of the Foundation Board, with input from the district to ensure proposed programs are consistent with District curricula and policies. 

    Successful proposals will meet the following criteria and objectives:

    • That they be of a dollar amount that is reasonable to fund given the dollars available to fund grants
    • That in total, programs impact as many kids in the district as possible
    • That there be evidence of need for the program
    • That the proposal is clearly articulated and is feasible within the grant timeframe
    • That the program show promise of sustainability beyond the period of the grant
    • That the programs have a clear objective that is aligned with the target areas of funding for the Foundation
    • That there be clear measures of success for the programs
    • That to the extent possible, the grants be spread across grade level, school and department within the district, also considering previous recipients of grants in previous years
    • That the grants are in alignment with District standards and policies and not funding activities that should be covered by ongoing district operating budgets.

    Recommendations are made to the full board in May, and grant awards for the following year are then announced. All applicants will receive word after the process is completed. If you have questions, please contact Melissa Baxter.