• The decision to close schools must be made by 5:00 am on any given day. Any later than this affects buses, media notices, etc. The general rule is anything less than a 'Winter Weather Warning' or 'Windchill Warning' (-35 degrees) we do not close.

    Our rule is that any parent who feels it is unsafe to bring/send their children to school in inclement weather can keep them home without penalty of any kind. They can also pick up earlier without penalty as well. Missed school work must be completed.

    Additionally, an announcement will be made over the following radio and TV stations:

    WISN TV Channel 12

    WISN 1130 AM

    WMIL 106.1 FM

    WLTQ 97.3 FM

    WKKV 100.7 FM

    WOKY 920 AM

    WRIT 95.7 FM

    WTMJ TV Channel 4

    WKTI 94.5 FM

    WTMJ 620 AM

    WITI TV Channel 6

    WDJT CBS – Channel 58

    WKLH 96.5 FM

    WJMR 106.9 FM

    WLZR 102.9 FM

    WFMR 98.3 FM

    WJYI 13.40 AM

    WEMP 1250 AM

    WMYX 99.1 FM

    WXXS 103.7 FM

    WLUM 102.1 FM

    WJZI 93.3 FM

    Cable Channel 13 - Waukesha only