Work Permit

    Effective Dates: March 26 - October 26, 2020 (Work Permit Holiday)


    Currently, child labor permits for minors who are 14 and 15 years old are not required during the public health emergency if the following qualifications are met:

    The employer will obtain all of the following information from the minor before hiring or permitting the minor to begin work:

    • Written Consent: The minor's parent, guardian or court-ordered foster parent consenting to the employment
    • Counter Signature: The signanture of the parent guardian or court-ordered foster parent on the employer's letter
        • Proof of Age: Such as birth certificate, baptismal certificate, Wisconsin ID card or Wisconsin driver's license, etc.
        • Employer Letter: Written intent to hire including job duties to be performed and the hours and time of day to be worked
        • Either:
        • Social Security Card: Copy of the minor's social security card

     The employer, once obtaining the information specified in #1, will notify the Equal Rights Division that a minor will begin employment by emailing and include the following:

        • Statement that the employer has reviewed the minor's proof of age and social security information
        • Employer's intent to hire letter
        • Parental written consent or countersignature on the employer's letter

     Within 30 days of conclusion of the public health emergency the employer shall file a permit application on behalf of each minor and pay the $10 permit fee at a work permit office.

     The Equal Rights Division will decline to take enforcement action against an employer for hiring and permitting a minor to work without a permit if the requirements under section 1 have been satisfied for work performed through the thirtieth day after the end of the public health emergency declared in Executive Order #72.

     An employer who fails to obtain work permits for minors employed during the public health emergency and make payment for permit fees will be subject to enforcement action.

    Emergency Rule - Work Permit Holiday