The Importance of Being in a Dual Language Program

  • Dual language education is essential in preparing scholars to live and work in a diverse, multilingual global economy. The dual language program has numerous benefits in preparing scholars to succeed academically. According to Francois Thibaut, dual-language scholars outscored monolingual scholars in standardized tests, particularly in problem solving and reasoning. Providing rich language and literacy instruction in two languages is essential in closing the opportunity gap nationwide.

    In addition, the dual language program fosters biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and higher academic achievement through the instruction of reading in two languages.

    In the book, Parents and Teachers of Bilingual Children, authors Alma Flor Ada and Colin Baker state that children who are in bilingual academic programs develop pride in their native language and culture. Spanish speakers are able to maintain and foster their native language while acquiring a second language. This is imperative in being able to maintain clear and meaningful relationships with Spanish speaking parents, grandparents, and extended family in their native country.