• Overview: 
    Blackboard is the Learning Management System in use within the School District of Waukesha.  As more digital resources are used by students in the classroom, Blackboard is particularly well suited at organizing that content to make it meaningful and easily accessible for users.  
    Blackboard is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for for posting assignments and information for student/parent access, organizing professional resources, for sharing lesson plans or assessments, for offering self-paced professional development, for communicating key information to an entire staff or for running a face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual classroom.
    There are several different types of login, based on your role: student, parent/guardian, teacher. The login information below will outline how to properly log into Blackboard.

    Blackboard can be accessed here.
    Blackboard Support Site:

    Student Login Information
    Students will use their Domain Login to log on to Blackboard.
    Username: First part of district email address (everything prior to the @ sign)
    Student Name: John Testaccount
    Email Address:
    Domain Username: jtestacc000
    Password: Same as your Domain Login Password
    Parent/Guardian Login to Blackboard
    As soon as students have been enrolled into a Blackboard course by the teacher of that course, the student's parents/guardians are also automatically enrolled into that course. Parents are issued a Blackboard login. 

    Provided a parent/guardian has access to all of his/her children with a single Infinite Campus Portal login, the parent/guardian will also be able to observe all of his/her children in Blackboard. The process for switching which child the parent is observing in Blackboard is outlined here.

    In the event that a parent/guardian cannot see all of his/her children, or in the event that a parent/guardian is not aware of his/her Infinite Campus Portal login information, they should contact the building secretary for the school the child attends.

    Finding Your Blackboard Parent/Guardian Login Information
    1. You must first login to your Infinite Campus Portal account.
    2. Once in Infinite Campus you will find the Blackboard link menu in the lower left hand corner.
    3. Click that Blackboard link and you will be taken to a status page where you will see your BB login info.
    Blackboard on IC
    4. Note your username and password shown in area 1.
    5. Click the link shown in area 2 to reach the Blackboard login page where you can log in. 
    BB Login Info
    6. Once logged in you can switch students to view by following these directions.

    Blackboard Mobile App:
    With the Blackboard mobile app from the app store you can access your SDW blackboard account. If you do not already have the mobile app, download it from the App Store (or Self Service if a student iPad) and follow the steps below to login. 
    Here is the process to sign into the app.
    Step 1: At the app startup screen search for Waukesha. Select Waukesha School District.
    Step 2: Enter your username and password. Click Log In. 
    If you already have the mobile app installed on your device and you are unable to connect to the server you may need to logout and perform another search to get the correct server address.
    To log out of the Blackboard mobile app:
    Step 1: Click the three bars icon in the far upper left. Click Settings in the menu at left. 
    Step 2: Click Log Out
    Step 3: Click Log Out again to confirm that you wish to log out. 

    BB9 on Mobile Devices:
    This document describes user interface changes to Blackboard user interface on mobile devices. 
    Supported Browsers:
    Current supported browsers for Blackboard are found here