• Founded in 1974 Waukesha North competes in the Classic 8 conference.

    We are fortunate to be supported by a booster club that annually contributes $32,000 or more to our programs.  
    Please consider becoming a member, by clicking HERE, and also donating your time effort to supporting our student-athletes.  

    Our Athletic Program is an extension of the classroom and an integral part of Waukesha North's program of education. Coaches and students are motivated to want to win and excel, but the principles of good sportsmanship prevail at all times to enhance the educational values of contests. Participation in school athletics by a student is not a “Right,” it is a “Privilege” that must be earned in order to be a member of an athletic team.

    We strive to provide and maintain a comprehensive athletic program that seeks the greatest development possible of its participants within the framework of the total district educational program. The goal is to provide avenues for intellectual and interpersonal growth, social development, as well as to improve student-athletes physically and emotionally.

    Northstar Stadium