Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication, or MFA, is a security method used to help protect your account from being logged in from outside users. When you log into a service (or authenticate) a service, you put in your username and password. Your password is the key, or sometimes called factor, to get into your account. But passwords can get leaked or guessed which can gain unwanted access to your sensitive information. With MFA, a second factor is included to login, in our case it is the use of a notification on an iPad or phone. You can read more about Multifactor here.

You may already use MFA for Xbox accounts, college courses from other schools or maybe even online banking. Many places already require this to keep your information safe and we are no different. Staff here at SDW use MFA to access the same resources as students.

MFA will only be required when you try to access your school accounts away from school. This gives your account extra protection from outside intruders, but will not slow you down while at school.