iPad Content Filtering & Parent Controls

This document describes the district supplied internet content filtering and optional parental controls that can be applied to a students iPad.

District Wide Content Filters:

All devices (students, staff and guests) connected to the district network are filtered based on the district-wide content filter.  This filter operates at the network level and does not require any setup or app on the device for it to function.  It is always on and filtering content whenever a device is connected to the district WIFI.

Additional Parent Controls:

If you would like to apply more control over your child's school iPad or other devices in your home, here are some recommendations we have.

  • Screen Time: Screen Time can be enabled on any Apple device, including your child's district iPad. Screen Time is an excellent way to refine what your child can and can not do with their device. There are many great tutorials on how to use screen time on the web. Here is one provided by Apple https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208982. If you decide to set up screen time on your child's district device, we ask that you communicate that to your child's teacher in case the screen time restrictions prevent them from accessing a required resource.

  • Home WIFI filters: You may have many internet enabled devices in your home that are accessible to your child. Here are some things we recommend to make it easy to control all those devices simultaneously.

    • OPENDNS: https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/  This is a service we have recommended for years. It is free, and once you have configured your router to use it, OPENDNS allows you to control the content available on your entire home network.

    • The Circle: https://meetcircle.com/  Hardware devices like the Circle allow you complete control over individual devices on your network. Do you want to shut off WIFI for your children but keep it on for you? A device like this could be your answer.

    • Your Router: Check the documentation on your WIFI router. Many of them have basic filtering capabilities available.