• Directions to Xello (for current students)

    Class of 1950 - Present
    Waukesha South High School has joined forces with Parchment to bring you Secure Transcript, the safe and paperless way to send transcripts to the colleges you choose.

    • CLICK HERE to order your transcripts on-line via Parchment
    • Click on “sign up”
    • Follow the prompts to set up an account. (Email address required)
    • Once your account is created: Fill out enrollment information (SS# and school I.D. are optional, not necessary)
    • You do not need a registration code. Just simply scroll to the portion where you can manually sign your signature with your “mouse”.
    • Once your account has been set-up, you many proceed to pick your transcript destination by clicking on the highlighted word “Deliver”.
    • Please make sure to specify either “Current Transcript” or “Next Grading Period”.
    • The cost of using Parchment is $4.15 for electronic transcripts with a debit or credit card.