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Greater Milwaukee Association of Legal Professionals (GMALP) Scholarship


This scholarship is for a student in the Greater Milwaukee area planning to enter an educational program associated with the legal field at an accredited local college with a special emphasis on prospective legal secretaries, legal assistants and/or paralegals. Scholarship is worth $300


Applicants must be students with a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average who are attending or plan to attend a school which offers a one- or two-year legal secretarial, legal assistant, paralegal or other qualifying legal services program. The award will be made on the basis of academic record, financial need, and interest in the legal industry fields.

1. Attach an official copy of the most recent year's transcript of grades;

2. Attach only three one-page letters of recommendation addressed to the Greater Milwaukee Association of Legal Professionals and the Wisconsin Association of Legal Professionals to the application form as follows:

(a) One letter from student's current major teacher or counselor stating the following:

1. Paragraph 1- the student's activity and leadership record in school;

2. Paragrah 2- a description of student's personal traits, character, personality, drive and background; and

3. Paragrah 3- the student's financial need.

(b) Two additional letters from someone other than a member of NALS... the association for legal professionals, or memebers of the applicant's family; the letter must include the relationship of persons signing, such as employer, teacher, pastor, friend, etc.

(c) Letters of recommendation must be signed!

3. Attach to the application form a one-page unsigned autobiographical statement in narrative form prepared and typed by the applicant, containing the following information:

  • Schools attended;
  • Employment history;
  • School activities (Honors, clubs, choir, etc.);
  • Outside activities (Church, civic);
  • Accomplishments (awards, languages, etc.)
  • Family and personal background
  • Hobbies: and
  • A brief description of career goal(s) and why you desire a scholarship.

4. Assemble attachments to the application in the following order:

  • Transcript(s);
  • Three letters of recommendation; and
  • Autobiographical statement

More Information:  CLICK HERE 

Application Deadline: December 15, 2019