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The Wisconsin Title I Association


to high school seniors from Wisconsin. A scholarship committee from the Association will choose the student recipients. The scholarship will be awarded to the recipients at the Wisconsin Title I Association's spring meeting.

The scholarships are available to students to further their education by pursuing a two-year certificate or four year degree. Students who apply must have been in a Title I Program sometime during their Early Childhood through Grade 12 school career. Public as well as private school Title I students are eligible to apply.

The Treasurer of the Wisconsin Title I Association will make scholarship payments directly to the school/college that the recipient will attend.


  • Be a graduate of an accredited high school and be a WI resident
  • Show a sincere desire and interest in furthering his/her education
  • Plan to attend an accredited university, college, or two-year technical college
  • Have been in a Title I Program between early childhood and grade 12

Amount of Award: Awarding up to four $1,500 scholarships

Application Link: CLICK HERE

Application Deadline: February 1, 2019