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American Welding Society Section Scholarship


  • Complete the attached Financial Aid Report that must be completed by a Financial Aid officer at your college if you have completed one or more semesters at a technical college.
  • Attach an unofficial transcript of your grades from any technical education classes you have taken even if you have not graduated. If you are already registered for a program, include a copy of your courses for the current semester.
  • Attach two personal statements of your career goals. Limit your response to one page total word processed. PLEASE ASK THEM TO TYPE THIS STATEMENT.
    • Statement 1: Why welding as a career?
    • Statement 2: Why did you choose to go to a technical college for your education?
  • Email one copy of the application to  . Applications will not be accepted after the due date under any circumstances. Incomplete applications are not accepted for award allocation.
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation email from Karen your application was not received.

Award Amount:

Application: CLICK HERE

Application Deadline: February 12, 2019