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Johnson Family Scholarship

Purpose. To select two qualified and ambitious high school seniors attending an accredited four-
year college/university for full-time undergraduate studies in the fall. The scholarship award is
intended to assist student leaders in good academic standing that has a drive for success.

Applicants. Johnson Family Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on their application and
eligibility requirements. The scholarship recipients will be awarded at their respective Wisconsin
high school’s honors/awards night in the spring.

Qualifications. Qualified applicants will demonstrate the following characteristics: leadership
skills, scholastic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service, and a desire to
complete a post-secondary education.

Award Amount. For 2020, the Kelly Johnson Foundation (KJF), will select two 2020
scholarship recipients in Wisconsin will each receive an award worth $250 towards tuition at an
accredited four-year college/university.

Requirements. Scholarship applicants must complete the attached application and provide
additional information as stated. KJF’s Johnson Family Scholarship Committee will review the
applications and make the final decision. Please note the Johnson Family Scholarship is available
to all Wisconsin students, but the scholarship program is not guaranteed to produce a winner at
each high school submitted by applicants for 2020.


Application: Student Services office (See Miss. Schlimgen)

Award Amount: $250

Application Deadline: April 6, 2020