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The American Legion D.J. Martin Post #8


Americanism Award (D.J. Martin Post #8)—Particular attention will be given to service volunteered to school, church and community.  Example:  nursing home volunteer, community type projects, church related programs, scouting, etc.  One male and one female student from South are chosen by Scholarship Committee to receive a $250 award and medal.

1. Courage: Bravery in the face of opposition and danger; determination and force to do right without public applause regardless of personnel advantage. A quality of the intellect.

2. Patriotism: An ideal of loyal Americanisms, religious tolerance,righteous freedom and the willingness to defend the U.S Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Perhaps best defined in the American's Creed.

3. Honor: Highly-developed moral character; moral excellence; strength and stability of character; high standards of conduct; devotion to duty; adherence to truth; keen sense of what is right; practice of healthy speech and thoughts.

4. Scholarship: Attainments in school studies, quality of school work reflecting the fine traits of industry, perseverance,efficiency and intelligence.

5. Leadership: Ability to lead and to accomplish through group action; ability to work in harmony and in unison with other leaders in accomlishing group results; desire and ability to fill the void in the lives of others caused by timidity, illness, or other handicaps.

6. Service: Kindness; unselfishness, fellowship; protection of the weak; promotion of the interests and welfare of associates; and constructive aid for the promotion of education and community.

Award Amount: 1 Girl $250 and 1 Boy $250

Application: Application in Student Services (see Miss. Schlimgen), Counselor Recommendatoin 

Application Deadline: April 10, 2020