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2018 Grant Winners Announced

The Waukesha Education Foundation, Inc. has announced its 2018 Grant Winners. There were a record number of grant applications submitted this year by educators in the School District of Waukesha, with over $109,000 in requests within 67 applications. The Grant Selection Committee selected applications that met the criteria set forth by WEF’s mission and restrictions within the available funds. Twenty-nine applications were selected and winners were notified in surprise presentations at their schools on May 24th. The organization was able to grant out just over $30,000 to this year’s winners.

This year’s grant winners include:

Banting Elementary

  • Julie Jordan ("Manipulating the Outcome")
  • Suanne Wyrick ("Recreational & Leisure Activities")

Jordan Wyrick

Bethesda Elementary

  • Leslie Waltz (“Building Concretely to Establish a Firm Foundation”)


Butler Middle School

  • Garett Lammers/Paul Bowen (“VEX Robotics Classroom & Club”)
  • Elizabeth Gould/Gerardo Lemus/ Daniel Hickmann/Christina Brusa (“Poetry & Public Speeches”)

Lammers Gould

Heyer Elementary

  • Miguel Rodriguez (“Original Books in Spanish from the FIL”)


Hillcrest Elementary

  • Tina Way (“Hillcrest MakerSpots”)
  • Laura Price/Faith Lincicum (“Growing Inquiry”)

Way Price

Horning Middle School 

  • Rebecca Jarolimek/Kayla Polczynski (“Mobile Dry Erase Boards”)
  • Sara Vanden Heuvel (“Using the Power of Pedaling to Make Students More Focused”)

Horning 1 VanDenHeuvel

Les Paul Middle School 

  • Lisa Osvatic (“Gel Printing Plates”)
  • Thomas Knutson/Sara Detmer (“Leveling the Playing Field, Using Audio Books to Reach all Kinds of Learners”)

Osavatic  Knutson

Prairie Elementary

  • Thomas Haynes (“K-5 Innovation in our New Makerspace”)


Rose Glen

  • Jennifer Burns/Melissa Behm (“Innovation and Impact Zone”)


South High School

  • Laura Edwards (“Social Emotional Resource Library”)
  • Michelle Bentley (“Supplemental Reading Material”)
  • Erin Richards (“The Show Must Go On”)
  • Gina Nordrum/Melanie Foreman (“The Blackshirt Briefing”)

Bentley Edwards

Richards Nordrum/Foreman

STEM-Randall Elementary

  • Melissa Kennedy/Margaret Hill (“Breakout EDU”)


STEM-Saratoga Middle 

  • Dwight Osmon (“3D Molecular Models for STEM-Saratoga”)
  • Matt Heuser/Eric Hill (“SDW FAB Lab”)

Osmon Heuser/Hill

West High School

  • David Cicero (“Outdoor Ceramic Sculptures”)
  • Wes Grulkowski (“West HS Metal Shop Improvement”)
  • Steven Kwasinski (“Bolt Buster Back Up”)
  • Fred Jonas/Katie Acker (“West Woods Project”)

Cicero  Grulowski

Kwasinski  Jonas/Acker

SDW Early Childhood Education

  • Nicole Zeroth/Jenna Stahl/Amy Dorow (“Fine Motor In Early Learning”)


SDW Environmental Education

  • Emma Koeppel/Erica Mueller (“Expanding Community Connections at the Fox River Sanctuary”)


SDW Information Technology

  • Wendy Liska/Brian Yearling/Kristin Brochoud (“Students Get Coding!”)


SDW Student Services-Guidance

  • Amanda DeSua/Heidi Edwards (“Let’s Work it Out!”)


Any School District of Waukesha teacher, administrator or department may apply for an annual WEF Grant to fund a project that supports technology and innovation in the classroom by way of creative teaching techniques, special equipment, additional resources, and educational opportunities. This funding is not a replacement for operational funding provided through the district, but instead provides additional resources to ensure area students receive the best education in the region.

“The best part of my job is to be able to award great educators with funds to try something new and different, enhancing classroom experiences for students across our district,” explained Lynnette Kalmadge, executive director of WEF. “The worst part of my job is knowing that so many exciting ideas go unfunded due to spending limits within our Foundation’s endowment. My goal is to continue to build this endowment through great partnerships with area businesses and stakeholders. There is nothing I would like more than to say yes to every eligible grant request that comes to our grant team.”

Each year, the Foundation also provide scholarships to graduates in the School District of Waukesha from designated funds that were created by many different donors. This year, WEF awarded graduating seniors from all three Waukesha high schools over $19,000 in scholarships from its endowed scholarship funds.

The Waukesha Education Foundation, Inc. is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside the School District of Waukesha to provide grants to educators and scholarships to students in the district. Since its inception in 2002, WEF has awarded more than $260,000 in grants to educators and programs, including $30,000 this year alone. These grants support technology and innovation in the classroom and beyond, and allow educators an opportunity to request funding for programs that do not fall into traditional building and curriculum budgets.

“There are many ways to get involved and invest in the future of our school district and our students,” said Kalmadge. “We invite businesses and individuals alike to our annual golf outing on August 7 to learn more about the Foundation and how to become stakeholders of the future of our Community.”

You can learn more about the Waukesha Education Foundation by visiting


For more information:

Lynnette Kalmadge, Executive Director

262 970-1143


Lynnette Kalmadge
262 970-1143