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2019 Grant Window Opening Friday, 2/15/19

The Waukesha Education Foundation, Inc's ("WEF") 2019 Grant Window will OPEN Friday, February 15 and close Friday, April 5th. Educators in the School District of Waukesha are eligble for these grants. 
Since 2002, WEF has awarded over $260,000 in grants to Waukesha educators and we are pleased to announce that THIS year, we are targeting a total grant payout of $35,000, UP $5,000 from what we were able to offer last year. As WEF continues to see success & growth in our events and within our community campaigns, we hope to continue to increase our available grant dollars. In addition, we appreciate the generosity of District staff that participated in our "GO CASUAL FOR A CAUSE" program. This program resulted in more $13,505 in donations to our Foundation. As promised, 100% of those donations went directly into our pool of available grant dollars and will end up right back into classrooms as we award our 2019 grants this spring.   
To access the grant application, you will visit the GRANT PAGE on the WEF website. Once the grant window opens, you will see a 2019 Grant Application link on the menu on the left side of the screen.
For general questions, please contact the WEF Executive Director