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10 SDW Schools Exceed or Significantly Exceed Expectations

In a newly released school report card from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), the School District of Waukesha received a rating of Exceeds Expectations and 10 schools exceeded or significantly exceeded the state average in many of the priority areas.  

Schools significantly exceeding expectations include: 

  • Waukesha Engineering Preparatory Academy 88.4
  • Rose Glen Elementary 88.3
  • Banting Elementary 87.4
  • Meadowbrook 86.4
  • Waukesha STEM Academy 83.2

Schools exceeding expectations include:

  • Lowell Elementary 82.7
  • Waukesha West High School 81.2
  • Hillcrest Elementary 79.6
  • Bethesda Elementary 74.2
  • Waukesha Academy of Health Professions 70.8

“We are proud that our District Report Card is in the Exceeds Expectations category.  Our overarching goal via our Key Performance Indicators is to have the number one district report card among the largest ten districts in the State of Wisconsin.  The last district report card was two years ago due to COVID, and we were in third place.  This year, we are excited that we have moved up to second place among the top ten districts in Wisconsin,” said Jim Sebert, Superintendent of the School District of Waukesha.

Of the over 12,000 students in the district, 35% are economically disadvantaged; 15% are students with disabilities, and 7% have limited English proficiencies. 

School Report Cards can be viewed HERE.