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Boys Cross Country Parent Expectations


Parent Expectations (Taken from Waukesha School District Coaches Handbook)

  • Complete support of the district code of conduct and all team regulations
  • Positive Support for their athlete, all coaches and other team members at alltimes
  • Good sportsmanship towards officials, players and coaches at all times
  • Notification to coaches of any schedule conflicts that may occur WELL IN ADVANCE!!
  • ENCOURAGE your athlete, if they have a concern to speak directly to the coach

Recommended procedure for addressing a concern with a coach:

Step 1: Athlete seeks out his/her coach to discuss the concern, it may be advisable for the athlete to practice the conversation with a parent to first gain confidence.

Step 2: If the situation is not resolved the parent may request a conference with the coach/coaching staff

Step 3: If the conference between athlete and coach(es), or parent, athlete and coach does not resolve the concern, a meeting will be set up with the Athletic Director. A conference will be mediated by the Athletic Director.