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Girls Cross Country Team Rules


The only way to improve as runners, and as a team, is to practice.  As a member of this team, you are expected to be at all practices and meets and to arrive on time.  Outlined below are the definitions of excused and unexcused absences and the consequences for tardies and unexcused absences.


Excused absences:

·  Excused absence from school that day

·  Medical condition that has been communicated to the coaches prior to the absence

·  Family emergency that has been communicated to the coaches


Unexcused absences:

·  Unexcused absence from school that day

·  Work

·  Vacation that was scheduled after the distribution of the season calendar

·  Other events/activities scheduled after the distribution of the season calendar


Consequences for Unexcused Absences

1st : No running in the next meet.

2nd:  Required meeting with coaches before returning to practice

3rd: Dismissed from the team


Consequences for Tardiness

For every tardy, you owe the same number of minutes in wall squats that day after practice.  Three tardies will equal one absence.


While at practice and at meets, athletes are expected to give their entire focus to running and their teammates.  When athletes are using their phones, they are not preparing for the next race and may be preventing their teammates from preparing to do their best.  When we are at practice, athletes are not to be texting or making phone calls.  In the rare instance when a phone call or text must be made during practice, please talk to a coach before the phone is used.

During a meet, athletes should not text or make phone calls until after both the Varsity race and the JV race have concluded.  The exception in this case is if an athlete needs to contact a parent/guardian.


Consequences for violating the cellphone policy

1st: Cell phone will be turned over to a coach until the end of practice/meet

2nd: Required meeting with coaches

3rd: No running in the next meet



Each student at Waukesha North has been issued an iPad.  To prevent loss or damage, athletes should leave their iPads in their locked lockers during practice.

It is not recommended for athletes to bring their iPads to meets.  There will be extended periods of time when the teams belongings will be unsupervised.  However, if you would like to work on homework or if we are leaving for a meet during the school day, the athlete has the choice to bring their iPad to a cross country meet.  When we travel to meets, we will walk the course as a team.  We will leave our belongings at our tent while we walk the course.  If an athlete brings an iPad to the meet, it is recommended that they bring the iPad with them as we walk the course.  As we walk the course, the iPad is to be kept out of site.  If is up to the athlete to find a safe place to store their iPad while they compete (leave it with a parent, etc).


Earning a Varsity Letter:

In order to earn a Varsity letter for the season, an athlete must compete as part of the Varsity team for over half of the meets throughout the course of the season.