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Dale Harper

A member of North’s Class of 1983, Dale is a federal tax expert who presently serves as the Appeals Team Manager for the U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service.  His elite national team is responsible for resolving federal tax controversies.

Dale was recently recognized with a Chief Appeals national award for being the Office of Appeals Mentor of the Year in 2009.  Prior to working with the National Office of Appeals, Dale received the prestigious David Bernard Award in 2002 for developing a series of strategic ideas that enabled the Internal Revenue Service to recoup billions of dollars from abusive corporate tax shelters. Because of his expertise, dedication, passion and leadership qualities, Dale is a frequent lecturer at many local professional, community, and religious organizations.  Also, due to his unique role within the IRS, he is often requested to provide insight into the current financial crisis and to devise strategies to deal with the current situation.

Dale lives in Delafield with his wife, Rhonda, and daughters Caitlyn and Alaina.  In his spare time, he serves on a Church Board of Directors and has served in various coaching roles in the Hartland and Delafield area, focusing on girls’ softball and basketball.  He is also currently developing a basic framework income tax course that potentially may be shared with local high school students. For his many accomplishments, Dale Harper is being honored for his work in the field of Government.