I have lost my iPad. What should I do?

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The first two days are very important when missing an iPad. Check everywhere you have recently been, classrooms, lockers, bedroom at home ect. Retracing your steps usually helps out the most and many times it is recovered that way. However, if you still cannot find it, then come to library and we can pinpoint a location for you if it was lost in school or a general area outside. If you wait over the first couple days, then the likely hood of finding the device can drop significantly.

If we cannot find it still, then we will look for it for a month before we replace it. During that time, staff will look around the building for the iPad and we suggest families look around their home. The replacement fee for a missing iPad is $489, the full cost of the device.

If you believe the device to be stole, please contact Mr. Christopherson in the library.