Noah Mroz Memorial Scholarship (New for 2022)

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The Noah Mroz Memorial scholarship was created by the Mroz family, in memory of Noah Mroz, South HS class of 2020. This scholarship will be awarded to a student who best honors Noah’s memory and exemplifies his work ethic, character, academic excellence, and special interests.

This scholarship will be awarded to a student(s) graduating from Waukesha South High School with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, who has participated in athletics or activities (either within South HS or through a private/club organization) during his/her high school career, and who will be attending a 4 year college or university, with a preference given to a student who is attending school to study engineering or who will be attending UW-Madison. Where there is only one scholarship available, preference will be given to a male student.

Amount: The scholarship amount may vary year to year, but will typically be at least $1000. One or more scholarships may be awarded.

Due: April 4, 2021

Application Please access the online application here. Paper applications will not be accepted. You may edit your application to update information if necessary.

Updated 1/22