Bonnie Schlais Scholarship Award

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This scholarship in the amount of $600 will be offered to students who were enrolled at Randall/Saratoga School for at least three full school years.  Consideration will be given to applicant based upon scholastic achievement, post-high school study, school citizenship, personality, character qualities, and financial need (considered but not required)  Students would need to show community involvement, planning to attend a post-high school institution of learning (a 2 year or 4 year school).  A receipt from the school of higher learning would need to be submitted.  Candidates need to write an essay of “Why would you like this scholarship and how would this scholarship assist you in reaching your goal?” Along with a resume with the necessary requirements on it. This is a rotational scholarship, one high school each year. Please see your student services scholarship contact.

Amount: $600

Due: April

Application: Please see your high school counselor for additional information. NOTE: This is rotational scholarship and the 2022 rotation for this schoalrship is NORTH High School.

Updated: 1/22