The New Hadfield 1952

In 1952 Hadfield School was remolded and enlarged to a capacity of 313 students and nine teachers.  During the renovation a fire started in the original building ignited coal that was stored in the basement.  The good news was that the building was in the process of being razed.


This was taken from a 1952 Open House brochure:

“Long needed space for physical education as well as room for both school and community assemblies is to be found.  Library facilities now place materials within easy access to pupils and also create an interest in good reading.  Many features combine to make this building as useful as it is attractive.

Lockers in the hallways of the second floor permit students convenient storage of their wraps in carefully compartmented spaces.  This permits more space within the classrooms where clothes storage formerly was necessary.

Overhangs on the outside of the building permit the use of healthful natural light which stop the glare often accompanying it.  Finishing of woodwork and desks in light, natural colors makes for the maximum reflection of light, but avoids harmful glare.  The soft wall colors create a restful, comfortable atmosphere.

Construction of the building minimizes the sounds of pupils moving about so that work within classrooms is not disturbed when classes are moved through the attractive corridors.

Finally, among the many facilities which make the building a true community center is the kitchen adjacent to the gymnasium which will prove useful to civic and school groups alike.”